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Home Loan Insurance

Enables homeowners to maintain monthly bond repayments in the event of illness, disability + death. From only R80 a month.


How Much Life Cover?

Not having enough life cover is just as dangerous as having no life insurance at all but how much do you actually need?



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About Medical Aid

With the rising cost of medical treatment, from a simple doctor’s consultation to the pharmaceutical medicine they prescribe, more and more South African families are choosing to suffer through whatever minor illness they may have rather than fork out the large amount of money that is required for treatment.  In many cases, however, the illness or trauma may be so severe that treatment becomes a necessity rather than a choice, and then the family have the additional stress of a financial burden added to the emotional stress experienced due to a sick or injured loved one.

This is why a medical aid or other such medical insurance policy is becoming increasingly vital as a stop gap, a buffer to fall back on should worse come to worse and you or an immediate family member find you in dire need of medical care.

With this in mind, it is even more telling that although South Africa has around 105 medical aid schemes on offer to individuals or businesses, it was estimated, in 2009, that less than 17% of South Africans were actually a part of one.  We all know the big names in the medical aid insurance world, such as Discovery Health, Fedhealth, Momentum, Bonitas Liberty Life, Oxygen and Key Health among many others.

If we are not lucky enough to work within a company or other business that offers their own private medical aid for all employees, the decision to join one is left entirely up to us, as the consumer public.  In cases like these, which, it is clear, applies to the vast majority of South Africans, many people think that they will lose out on a portion of their salary each month, as the medical aid deductions get taken off their gross salary, usually after tax.  Thus, the short term loss of a portion of their salary is enough to make many people feel that medical aid schemes are just too expensive to maintain month after month.

In this way, a medical aid is very much like any other insurance policy, in that it provides financial coverage to its holders in the event of a medical emergency or any kind of illness.  It is thus not something that will be used month after month, but is needed for that all important ‘just in case’ moment.  Medical aids are not just for emergencies, though, for most can also be used to cover for dental work and prescription spectacles, among other benefits.

Therefore, when signing on, or renewing any medical aid, it becomes important for you to be aware of all the facts:  to understand just exactly what it is that you are paying for in your deductible every month and what this entitles you to in terms of health coverage, doctor’s fees and medicines, just so that you understand exactly what you are getting for you hard-earned money.

Choosing A Medical Aid


So how do you choose a medical scheme or hospital plan, a specific option of the scheme, which benefits to include or exclude?  In this ever-changing environment, you need the services and advice of an independent intermediary.  Someone who doesn't only have the interests of a specific medical scheme at heart, but one who can guide you to ensure your needs is met.


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